Week13- ArtistConversation-NickBamford

Artist: Nick Bamford
Media: ceramic, plaster, foam wood, objects
Exhibition: Untitled
Gallery:Max L. Gatov Gallery, East
Website: none
Instagram: @nickbamf4d

He is from Huntington Beach. He is in the program BFA ceramics. He likes to play the guitar. He will be graduating this year. He has always liked art. After he graduates during his year off he will continue to create art.

In his art work he used black lights, ceramic, foam wood, plaster and cement. He let the objects go where ever they want. There is no message in his art. He allowed the objects to go where ever they fit.

When he foung the objects from a different context, he would make them into a new context. He’s art work has no message and its there so people can enjoy his artwork.

I found his artwork very unique and his own way of expressing his emotions in the artwork he created. He has so much passion for his creation and in his artwork you can see.





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