Artist: Jennifer Chen

Media: Print-making, Digital Print, Photoshop

Exhibition: Succession

Gallery: Max L Gatov Gallery West

Website: None

Instagram: None

Before becoming an art major she was majoring in Biology. She will be graduating this spring semester. Her interests is the science and the landscape. She is in the MFA. If enough students get the art class 270 she will be teaching it.

In her artwork she used print making, and photos shop and digital printing to create her masterpieces which were very interesting and amazing. She used the google maps to see a disturbance in the landscape. Each and everyone is different. Some of the art work has gloss others doesn’t.

In her artwork she likes to reflect the different ideas. She describes a disturbances that occur through out the landscape and how overtime is changes. She wants to see how much change has occur in the landscapes as the times goes by. She also show how there are difference with the nonnative trees.

Her artwork was very interesting and amazing. I loved the way it looked and she did what she could to show us how a landscape disturbances changes by time goes by.



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