Artist: Luis Arias
Exhibition: The Weaving Machine
Media: Wood, Loom
Gallery: Marilyn Werby Gallery
Website: no website
Instagram: none

About the Artist:
         He was born in El Salvador, he came to the United States when in U.S. invaded in the 1980’s. He goes for El Real Madrid soccer team. He has no family because he likes to travel and enjoy life. He traveled to Europe, its a beautiful continent and he will be going back in May and will be staying a while to enjoy life. He will be graduating this May. He likes to travel . He is in the wood chop program.

Formal Analysis:
    In his art he created beautiful pieces of art with the Loom and with his tools. By the way he talked about his artwork you can tell he was proud of what he has made and him seeing people enjoy and admiring his art work meant a lot to him. He used different colors he likes bright colors and geometric shapes. He used his hands and tools to build the loom which took him a year to complete it.

Content Analysis:
        In his artwork he got his inspiration from women. He wants everyone to enjoy his art and to admire it. He likes to make beautiful pieces. He uses a lot handwork and machines to create the loom and his beautiful artwork.

       His artwork was beautiful and I loved it. I enjoyed seeing it. He worked very hard to create his Loom which it looked gorgeous. I love how he explained about the he created each of his art.







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