Artist: Alicia Keyworth

Exhibition: F*Art

Media: Trash bags, cotton balls, metallic yarn, thread

Gallery: Max L. Gatov Gallery

Website: None

Instagram: @aliciakeyworth

About the Artist:

This week for our artist conversation I interviewed Alicia Keyworth. She is a undergraduate at CSULB.  She is trying to obtain a BFA in Fiber Art and a BFA in Art Education. She displayed only one art work in the gallery which it was Wasteful Growth. One of the most inspirational artist to Alicia Keyworth is Sheila Hicks. Her focus is on pacific garbage patch. She likes to read and she mostly focuses on the process from start to finish and on waste and how to refocus of the items. The unique style of free in the sense of the materials.

Formal Analysis:

In her art work of the Wasteful Growth is made from metalic yarn, thread, trashbags, and cotton balls. In this art work she challenged herself by only making her artwork out of two colors instead of making it colorful. She used black and a bit of gold. When I touched her artwork it had texture and it seem it was durable. She used the floor loom to create her art work. She used lines and some were long other lines were short.

Content Analysis:

In this artwork she got her inspiration from the Pacific Garbage Patch, which we can see the trash in the ocean. she showed us that we can use garbage and make it into something like in this case art. She used trash bags and other materials to create her art. She focused from the start and the finish of her project.


Her artwork showed me that we can use different kinds of materials and use them for something other than trash or throw it away. We can create art out of trash and have a different purpose or use for the art work. This can lead to a better awareness of the way we use trash.



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