Week5-ArtistConversation-Tony Nguyen

Artist: Tony Nguyen
Exhibition: Fuse: Join To Form A Single Entity
Media: Metal-Working, Multiple metals
Gallery: Max L. Gavtov Gallery East
Website: no website
Instagram: @elll_tigre

About the Artist
     This weeks exhibition was a group that made works from metals and jewerly deparment at CSULB and from the BFA and non-major students. Tony is a graduate student and is in his fifth year majoring in metal works. He also became an art professor at CSULB but has plans in pursuing a Masters in Fine Arts in another university. In the beginning he was majoring in drawing and painting but then he switched to illustration but he felt it wasnt for him.

Formal Analysis:
      In his art work with metals was a very cool. You could tell by his artwork that he was passionate about what he was doing. Cartoons is his inspiration for making his art work in metal. He also uses his childhood memories to be part of his artwork. He uses geometric shapes and waves in his metal works.

Content Analysis:
      In his artwork he uses inspiration from cartoons. He tries to reach back in his childhood memories. He likes to make art fun. His style changes and doesn’t keep it in one style.

     His artwork did remind me metals work that are used back in the day. His mailbox was very beautiful it caught my eye. It was fancy and lovely. He had a very unique way of making his metals.





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