Artist: Samuel Jernigan

Exhibition: The Weight of Whimsey & Ideas

Media: Ceramic clay, Glass, Spray Paints, Wood

Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Gatov-Gallery West


Instagram: @samueljenri

About The Artist:

He told us some cool facts about his live and what he does outside of school. He likes to ride his bike and especially go to the mountains to ride it. He also plays the guitar, which music is his inspiration for creating his art. He explores the cartoon ideas which he only creates his art when the cartoons are funny. He recently received his BFA in ceramics at CSULB last fall.

Formal Analysis:

His artwork is based on cartoon characters like the fishes from Dr. Seuss. He uses bright colors, straight lines, curve lines, circles, creates faces and has certain face expressions to express what he feels. He puts a lot of details in his work. He uses a bunch of lines in his art work.

Content Analysis:

In his artwork he creates cartoon characters that we have seen in a book like the Dr. Seuss fish book. He uses cartoon-ish ideas that amazes him in puts it in his art work. Also in his display we saw a tricycle in the process of being built but was left half way finished. I also saw the look away display which was cool. He likes to be reminded about his childhood like reading the Dr. Seuss characters or riding a tricycle.

Synthesis/My Experience:

His artwork reminded me of my childhood when we read the Dr. Seuss book and the cartoon he would made. The different colors he used made it seem a happy environment. When we walk down a street and see a little kid riding his tricycle which may be rare but it would remind us of how we had fun when we were kids. How everything and everyone is unique in a way.






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