Week3-ArtistConversation-Joshua Vasquez

Artist: Joshua Vasquez
Exhibition: Vida/Morte
Media: Flowers (all types), Red Rosin Paper, Plastic Tradh Bags, and Inks.
Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Max L. Gatov Gallery West
Website: JoshuaVasquez.com
Instagram: @joshybehr

About The Artist:
He is a very talented artist and he works very hard. He is an undergraduate at CSULB. He is in the program painting and drawing at CSULB School of art. His interest is life and death because everything in this world is also about something living or dying. He explores the ideas of life and death of individual aspects.
Formal Analysis:
He uses ink to draw on plastic and he creates a skull and different shapes. He uses the black ink a lot on his art work which portrays the death vibe when we see it because we associate the black color with death. He uses straight lines, undulated lines, and jagged lines. He uses circle shapes and other shapes as well. He also uses the different shades of black lights and darks.
Content Analysis:
It is about life and death that he creates in his artwork. Their ideas is to use the world around them to create it into two perception of life and death. For example, in his display of dead flowers is that once it was life but after a while it becomes death. They are exploring the ideas of life and death how the world can create life and also bring death.
Synthesis/ My Experience:
His artwork meant that everything has a life and a death side. I believe that everything in nature has a life and death cycle that we see in our everyday life. Like flowers we can see that they are filled with life one day and later on we can see that they become droopy and with no life. I believe that we should try our best every day because our life is filled with life and death where ever we may go.




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